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Did you know we provide a robust, secure and convenient cloud accountancy service from our offices in Sheffield?

Embracing the cloud will make your accounts easier to access, more secure and more sustainable

Whether you have always done your accounts using a PC located in your workplace, or whether you’ve stuck doggedly to the old-fashioned pen and paper method all these years, you’ll no doubt be aware that both methods carry a certain number of disadvantages and risks. Firstly, neither method is infallible. Like any other physical item, computers and filing systems can be damaged or destroyed, misplaced or stolen. PCs can break down; data files can be corrupted, overwritten or deleted by mistake.

Keeping your books of account and company information in the cloud will mean you benefit from watertight security; instant, anytime access; and greater levels of sustainability and cost-effectiveness. At Lindrick Accountancy Services Ltd, we can set up and maintain a secure, convenient and value-for-money cloud accountancy service for your business - no matter where in the UK you are based. Get in touch to find out how.

How will cloud accounting benefit you and your business?
  • Get instant, realtime access to your accounts from your mobile device, wherever you are

  • It will save you time, money and effort

  • There's very little work involved on your behalf; we'll get you set up from scratch, or transfer your existing books of account and financial data to the cloud for you

  • You'll benefit from the latest, up-to-date security

  • You'll find that viewing and interpreting your financial data is so much easier and faster

Thinking of making the move to cloud accounting?

Talk to Lindrick Accountancy Services today and we'll have a thorough chat with you about what it means for your business. We know how much your time means to you, which is why we always aim to be as friendly, professional, punctual and efficient as possible when it comes to working or communicating with our clients.

Get in touch with the Lindrick Accountancy Services Ltd team here in Dinnington, Sheffield, to discuss our tailored cloud accountancy solutions.
Phone: 01909 551111

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