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Tax planning services by the people who understand taxation the best, based in Sheffield

Our tax consultants are here to help you plan effectively for the future

Tax implications are likely to affect a number of decisions you make as a business. And even where they don’t, you will still have to take into consideration the various liabilities and tax-related costs that apply. Burying your head in the sand is simply not an option. Likewise, taking a reactive approach is unwise and could land you in hot water from which it may prove difficult to emerge unscathed.

So what’s the answer? Effective planning, assisted by the people who understand taxation best. At Lindrick Accountancy Services, we have many years of experience of dealings with HMRC, and have an up-to-date working knowledge of taxation legislation. With our help, you will be able to meet your obligations, maintain and grow your wealth, and make effective plans for your business’s financial future.

In which areas do we offer bespoke tax planning advice?
  • Business incorporation

  • Company reconstruction and share buy-backs

  • Inheritance tax planning and trusts

  • Acquisitions, mergers and disposals

  • Renumeration strategies

  • Succession planning

  • Business and property transactions

Proactive tax planning tailored to you

Proactive, thorough planning is always advisable when it comes to taxation. Let's protect your wealth, grow your business and keep you on the right side of an HMRC investigation. Contact Lindrick Accountancy Services Ltd to discuss your needs.​

Call our offices in Sheffield to speak with our taxation accountants.
Phone: 01909 551111

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