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Payroll services
Lindrick Accountancy Services Ltd, Sheffield

We provide a payroll service that is perfectly tailored to your business needs

Being a start-up business entails a steep learning curve. No doubt you’ve taken it all in your stride, planned effectively and gone from strength to strength in the process. So, now it’s got to the point where you need to employ more staff. This means dealing with payroll obligations, something that carries an entirely new array of factors to learn and requirements to adhere to. 

You’ll want to get it right, first and every time, not just to ensure you are compliant with HMRC regulations, but to ensure that your employees are always paid correctly. No one wants to find they have days of work missing from their payslip, or that National Insurance, pension, income tax and student loan payments have been miscalculated.

At Lindrick Accountancy Services Ltd, we understand the pressure that this can put on you as an employer. It can also consume a substantial amount of your time – time that may be essential to other business concerns and which you would prefer not to give up. At Lindrick Accountancy Services Ltd, we can help. We have years of expertise in payroll and can professionally oversee all the associated processes on your behalf, including all costs, calculations and deadlines. 

 How we provide a payroll service tailored to your requirements:
  • We are well-versed in all aspects of employment law, giving you complete peace of mind

  • We can provide an online payroll portal for you, making it easier than ever to manage employee working hours, payslips and all other related documentation

  • By taking on your payroll responsibilities, we will free up time for you to run other aspects of your business

  • No more mistakes leading to incorrect payslips and disgruntled employees

For payroll services, contact Lindrick Accountancy Services Ltd now to speak with our team here in Sheffield.
Phone: 01909 551111

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