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Tax investigation services courtesy of knowledgeable tax consultants, based in Sheffield

Tax investigation services

HMRC no longer needs a reason to open a tax investigation, which means at any time you could be subject to scrutiny. Unfortunately, the costs associated with such an investigation could have dire consequences for your company.

With the aid of our tax investigation insurance service, all costs associated with the tax investigation are covered by our insurers.


However, with our expert tax consultants by your side, we can carefully assist you throughout the process, preparing you for what to expect and ensuring that everything possible is done to achieve a speedy and satisfactory conclusion for you and your firm.

Are you facing an HMRC tax investigation? Don’t make the mistake of entering into the process blind. Contact Lindrick Accountancy Services Ltd.

How do I avoid a tax investigation?

Not all errors relating to tax are down to wilful malpractice. Failing to keep accurate records and being unaware of vital legislation can both land you in the sights of HMRC. The best course for avoiding this situation is to hire an accountant from the outset. We’ll make sure your affairs are in order from day one, and that you fully understand all your liabilities so that no deadlines or payments are ever missed.

How we help you during a tax investigation:
  • We ensure you are well-prepared and that relevant answers are ready for even the most difficult questions

  • We will defend you during the investigation, taking the stress off your shoulders

  • We may be able to make the process speedier for you, potentially saving you a substantial amount of money in the process

We're here to help when you need it the most. Contact our team in Sheffield on:
Phone: 01909 551111

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